Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How embarassing!

We all receive forwards from time to time. I rarely continue by forwarding to others, but you would know the one time that I decide to click the forward button...

My daughter sent an email that was inspiring. It told a lot about love. Love this. Love that. I love you. Love. Love. I forwarded it to my email contacts.

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email from my academic advisor. "Are you trying to say you are in love with me? I can't blame you for succumbing to my charming ways...LOL"

Lesson for the day: double check the CC or BCC fields!

Aging: Words of encouragement from a 9 year old

Well, I turned 40 last month. I've never given much thought to aging. Getting older has never bothered me...until this year. 40. 40. I still find myself saying it aloud, sometimes. Maybe I am trying to convince myself that I really am FORTY! I made the comment "I can't believe that I am really 40" to which my youngest daughter replied, "Mama, 40 isn't old." She paused, then added, "...but enjoy it because 50 is really old."

Okay. So I have officially been given words of encouragement. Am I supposed to feel better knowing that 50 is not that far aways and, according to my young philosopher, is OLD? Actually, I do feel better. Not because of my age or the fact that 50 is not that far away...but because my sweetie pie loves me so much! In her own way she wanted to make me feel better. We, as adults, forget the innocent honesty that is unintentially blurted out. So, I have to look at the bigger picture. Shouldn't we all?

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