Thursday, June 16, 2011

Freakin' out the dog

Everyone has "one of those days" every once in a while. Well, I've had several of "those days" here lately.

The Mississippi heat and humidity is draining. The humidity makes it feel like 105 instead of the 99 degrees reported on most of the regional weather stations. And with the Mississippi heat come those pesky Southern bugs and critters.

I am dealing with ants. Ants. I hate ants! Hate, hate, hate them!

I thought the last mass murder took care of them. After all, I took the necessary precautions with chemical weapons which I strategically sprayed around all corners, crevices and any possible entry site I could think of. There was peace for about a week. Then...BAM!

I am foggy, wanting my first cup of jolting coffee this morning. I am about to pour water into the coffee maker when I see them, pigging out in my sugar bowl: ANTS! Fred, my dedicated Yorkie, was waiting "im" patiently for me to let him outside. Dealing with ants is not what I want to do pre-coffee. It ticked me off. Royally!

"I will kill you just like I killed your little friends!" I said as I smashed several with the tips of my fingers.

Fred's ears are perked up --like little satellites. His head is cocked to the left. His eyes look fearful. Then I thought about what I said. "...just like I killed your little friends."

Dogs are smart. They understand a lot of the human language, but there is NO way Fred could have understood that. Right? At any rate, the ants are gone...for now.

I suppose he will be sure to blog about it, if he did. Who knows!

Find out:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

When being proficient is insufficient

I have been proficient with computers, html, and such for many years but for some reason WordPress is giving me major headaches. My intent was to start a WordPress site for RWHI but I seem to be making the biggest mess of it.

I welcome advice on how to use WordPress. No. Scratch that. I beg of you...tell me what I am doing wrong! LOL.

"Supposedly" it is easy and quick to use for webpages instead of updating the old fashioned way through our domain host. Perhaps I will figure it out before too long and then you will see some amazing updates and news for RWHI authors!