Monday, October 8, 2012

Shapely Girl Fitness: Week 2, Day 8

This is the first day of the second week (I count Sunday as the first day, but we're going with Monday here) and we're supposed to discuss our challenges and obstacles. I can do that --and then some.

Debra Mazda's Shapely Girl Fitness is great! No complaints at all. It's me that's having issues.

Apparently, the more you exercise the hungrier you become.

When I did my weigh-in this morning, I've gained 0.4 pounds. I know that could be clothing, etc. I weighed first thing this morning with an empty bladder (that just sounds so personal when seeing it typed out). I'm not really fretting too much since it's not even a pound, but I do know that I've got to manage the munchies that come after a workout!

I have to confess that my attendance at a family get-together this weekend probably didn't help! I live in the South and our gatherings always include some type of food. I'm generally not one to eat much in the way of sweets but there was homemade egg custard pie. Homemade! I had one small piece after the meal...and another one before I left.

I know. I know. Have you tried egg custard pie? If you have, then you know how irresistable it is! I'm a novice at this whole eating healthy thing. Before the thyroid issue, I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and never gained an ounce. Yep, I know. That is the past --obviously.

At any rate, I remain committed to being a healthly and fit Shapely Girl. Thank God for the CWA Review Crew and their endless support and prayers.

Do you have suggestions for managing the urge to eat after a workout? I want to hear them (pretty please).


  1. Hi, Sheri! I'm no expert at eating well (obviously, as I'm on this ShapelyGirl Fitness journey, too!), but here's what I do. I eat right after I finish my workout (which I always do after getting home from work)--the key is to make wise food choices. I will usually have either have a protein shake or eat a bowl of non-fat Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia. And when I do get the munchies, I go for a few almonds or string cheese. Also, remember that muscle weighs more than fat :-)

    Oh, and I've never heard of egg custard pie, but now you know I have to check it out!

  2. Actually, you should eat after a workout! You body is begging to you put some food in your belly. Go for high protein with just enough sugar to stabilize your blood sugar. Your metabolism is working good after a workout and that's when it's good to eat!

  3. Thanks for commenting, Becky! I am going to get the recipe for the egg custard pie (homemade crust and all!)from my cousin-in-law's mom. If she doesn't mind, I'll share it. :)

  4. It does make sense that working out boosts metabolism, not just because we're hungry, but because the energy level is up. After working out I have come to find that I WANT to do more!