Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shapely Girls Fitness: Week 4 Day 22

I’m excited. Yes, still!

I can’t say that I’ve lost a lot; in fact, I’ve not lost much at all (about 2.5 pounds). So why am I excited?

I feel better! I am more active and being active makes us want to keep moving.

I’ve used other exercise/fitness DVDs (e.g. Jillian Michaels) in the past but Debra Mazda’s Let’s Get Moving 2 has been the one that has been fun to continue. I’m not knocking Jillian’s program. But the truth is… Jillian. kicked. my. butt!

With Debra, I don’t feel so much that I am doing a fitness routine but that I am meeting a friend each day where we commit to being active and healthy. To me, that’s the start of a lasting fitness goal!

Since starting Shapely Girl Fitness on October 1, I have actually been more active than I have in-  Heck! I don’t know when I was this active. Maybe 10 years ago!?

You’ll never believe what my oldest daughter and I did last week. Can’t guess? We washed the outside of the house. Yes! I am serious! Of course, it was a little more tedious than planned.

I sent her to town to buy a sprayer. FYI…specify what you mean by “sprayer.” She returned with a spray bottle.

Okay. I’ll go with it! We concocted our mixture of bleach and water in the spray bottle and got to work. About 3 hours later, the exterior of the house looked like NEW! Yay us!

So, what does bleaching the exterior of my house have to do with Shapely Girl Fitness?

Energy. Motivation. Accountability. Fun. Commitment.

There’s a commercial that says a body in motion stays in motion…

This is true. This is Shapely Girl Fitness and I am in love with it!

Give me another month and I might be ready to kick Jillian’s butt –for a change!

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