Monday, October 1, 2012

Shapely Girls–Week One, Day One

It’s official. Today is the first day of my Shapely Girls Fitness 30-day challenge.

Actually, the challenge became “official” for me several days ago. As someone who hasn’t been very active (in the past 10 years) I knew I would need to start slow. Snail-pace slow.

A few days ago, I started doing warm ups. You know, to get my body used to movement. Nothing major. Some stretches and jumping jacks. It’s been interesting for sure. Just ask my dog!

I’ll make it through, and I am ready for the real fun to begin. Today.

So, I will make this initial post my “goals” post (ha! an unintentional pun that fits with the current football season!). So that you know where my goals come from, be sure to read the entry on my Shapely Girl Fitness page.

Okay. My goals. (See the little ticker to the left…that’s my red-headed self riding the graphic bike!)

My current BMI is 31.03. Normal BMI for my height (5’4”) is 18.5-24.99. So, obviously there is a need for change. I am NOT going to list my current weight but I will say that my goal is 40.8 pounds. While one of my goals is to lose weight, my main objective is to become healthier through activity, healthy eating habits, and to love me. That is exactly what Shapely Girl Fitness is about.

I will be posting occasionally throughout each week as time permits, but I will definitely post every Friday through November 2, 2012 with updates on my progress, etc. In-between Friday posts, you can expect to “hear” my short-breathed rants and even some first hand witness account from Doggebone.

I’d love to hear from readers. And, lastly, encouragement welcomed!


  1. Thanks, Stephanie. It's going to be fun, I'm sure. Doing this as a group (even a cyber group) will be great; full of encouragement and, yes, accountability! I need accountability (grin).